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About Us

Searching for a loan in today’s economic situation is the most difficult thing to find. The chances of loan application being approve had become slimmer if the applicant has got a bad credit history. Alpha 8 Credit (website: www.bestwayloan.com) try to take the trouble away from the customers by providing them a better financial solution.

Whether you are looking for an Unsecured Loan in Singapore or a Secured  Loan in Singapore, Alpha 8 Credit (website: www.bestwayloan.com) can certainly help you find the right package for your loan. We help all the customers to find solutions to their financial woes, whether they are tenants or homeowners, with a good or bad credit history. We are here to help people from all walk of life. Irrespective of who they are and what they are. We believe in team work and strong partnerships

Who We Are

Alpha 8 Credit (website: www.bestwayloan.com) is the premier licensed moneylender in Singapore. Our fast, convenient services have helped thousands of clients bridge the gap between salary, urgent need of cash, emergency cash loan and seize the opportunity of an investment.

We provides you with the peace of mind you can only get from a licensed money lender.

Moneylender’s Licence: 77/2017

What We Do

Alpha 8 Credit (website: www.bestwayloan.com) provides fast and convenient cash advance and loan services to customers all across Singapore.
Discover why our hassle-free loans have made Alpha 8 Credit (website: www.bestwayloan.com) Singapore’s trusted money lender.

  • Fast Money§, No Extra Cost Funds transfered to your
    bank account within 10 minutes of approval.
  • Quick Approval It takes just minutes to apply
    and receive quick approval for up to $3000.
  • Easy Online Application Apply online from the
    comfort and privacy of home. No queues, no extra
    paperwork and nothing to fax.

Our Commitment to Responsible Lending

Alpha 8 Credit (website: www.bestwayloan.com) has strictly adhered to responsible lending practices. What does that really mean? Below is a list of rights that you as a consumer have the power to demand from us or any other licensed money lender.

You should make sure that …

  • Know how much your loan will cost before you apply;
  • The moneylender explains the terms and conditions of the loan to you and your surety, if any, in a language that you and your surety understand;
  • You and your surety receive a copy of the Note of Contract at the time the money is given to you;
  • The Note of Contract contains correct entries of the principal amount of loan and interest rate as well as the dates of contract and loan disbursement;
  • The moneylender delivers to you the correct amount of the loan without withholding any part of it for any reason whatsoever (payment of any fee must be told to you before he dispenses the loan);
  • You pay the monthly instalments on time or repay the loan as soon as possible, to avoid incurring additional fees and charges;
  • You receive a dated and signed receipt every time you repay your loan or any fees charged by the moneylender;
  • The receipt correctly identifies the moneylender and states his address and telephone number, the amount paid and the date of the payment;
  • You receive a statement of account for all your loan(s) at least once every 6 months;
  • You keep proper records of all statement of accounts and receipts of payments;


Loan amounts are based on consumer’s credit history and ability to repay loan. Not everyone may qualify for $3000. Maximum of $1000 for first time customers.
§This timer is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to represent when the funds will be deposited into your account. The timer corresponds to the next available funding start time, which could be your actual funding start time depending on when your loan is approved. Once approved, funds will be sent to your account within 10 minutes.
Approval may take up to 30 minutes, pending completion of fraud checks, in most cases. Payday advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution. Customers with credit difficulties should seek credit counselling assistance or IPTO.
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