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How do I check my eligibility to apply for a loan?You may contact any of our sales officer, they are able to access you through a few questionnaires and you will know immediately if you are eligible to take out a loan.Direct Line : +65 6733 3081


What if I don’t have good rating credit?

Less than good rating credit will not prevent you from receiving a personal loan from Alpha 8 Credit. Our personal loan solution are designed to help even those with poor credit. Call our dedicated Sales officer to help you find the right loan option, even if you have being turned down by other moneylenders in the past.

Direct Line : +65 6733 3081


How do I know that my loan has been approved?

You will receive a call from us once your loan has been approved. Alpha 8 Credit reserves the right to make adjustments to your loan approval until the time you receive the funds in your bank account based on new information regarding your loan application.


Can I still apply for a loan if I still have other outstanding loans?

Our experienced Sales Officer will take pleasure in providing you with a structured loan plan based on your financial capacity.
It is important that you provide an accurate account of your financial status so that we can assist you in the best possible way.


What kinds of repayment plans are available?

At Alpha 8 Credit, we have monthly installment plans.
Call our dedicated Sales Officer to help you find the right loan option for your needs.

Direct Line : +65 6733 3081


Which modes of payment are available?

Bank Fund Transfer and Cash Payment


What if I can’t repay my loan on the due date?

If you can’t repay the full amount of your loan on the due date you may be request a loan extension by contacting our Sales Officer via phone or email. If you do not qualify for an extension, you must contact us immediately to set up payment arrangements. Email: apply@bestwayloan.com

Direct Line : +65 6733 3081


Are there any fees if I would like to make an early redemption?

No, not only will there not be any additional fee incurred, there is even an interest rebate for full early repayment! The earlier you make your full early repayment the more interest you can save on!


What avenues do borrowers have to look for a resolution if they feel that they have been unfairly treated or taken advantage of by the moneylender?
The Association has set up a mediation panel to mediate disputes between borrowers and Lender. The borrower can also seek the help of Consumer Protection Association for their disputes



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