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Micro loan that are usually due within the next 1 weeks or 2 weeks. Alternatively, Micro loans are also known as cash advance loan, short term loan, instant cash advance just to name a few. Most financial institutions will require you to provide them with a physical cheque as security for short term loan.

Micro Loans are getting increasingly popular these days:

  • Micro loans provide an instant solution to an unexpected emergency needs of cash. They can provide easy and fast access to cash. In case you of an emergency (like a health related problem or car break down), such loan can act as a quick fix.
  • Micro loan involves a hassle free process. It takes only less then 30mins to complete the formalities. You just need some basic documents like identity Card, proof if employment and bank statements etc.
  • Instant cash, if you need the money quite badly then this aspect of micro loans will appeal greatly to you.
  • A good thing about Micro loan is that your credit rating remains private. It is for consumers who want anonymity during emergency situations.
  • Credit checks are usually not required here. This makes it easy for people with no credit or credit problems to apply for micro loans.
  • It is not hard to qualify for Short term loan. All you need is a steady monthly income and a valid bank account. Even an individual with bad credit rating or a history of bankruptcy can be eligible for short term loan. Generally people who don’t have access to credit cards and savings account use this kind of loan. Military personnel and Permanent resident and foreigner also use them often.
  • A Micro loan, as mentioned before, is an unsecured loan. That means even if you fail to repay your loans you won’t have to lose your assets.


Borrow only what you really need, nothing more

Taking on a loan is a heavy responsibility. Do not borrow for unnecessary reasons.
Borrow because you need to and have carefully considered your reasons for doing so.
Before using your credit card, taking a loan to buy a car or buying a durable item on credit, ask yourself the following

Do you really need it? Or is it something that you merely want?
Must you have it today?
What will happen if you do not buy it today?
How are you able to manage with it?


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