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On Submitting Online Loan Application Form:

I/We Hereby agree to Alpha 8 Credit that;

a) The particulars and information furnished by me/us herein and in all documents are true and accurate. Alpha 8 Credit hereby irrevocably and unconditionally authorized by me/us to contact any person to obtain and /or verify any information required by Alpha 8 Credit, to retain all documents submitted by me/us,and to disclose all such information relation to me/us to any person as Alpha 8 Credit deems fit including but not without limitation to consumer Credit Bureau. I/We undertake that in the event any information become inaccurate or misleading or changed in anyway whether before or after this application is approved or whilst the facility is outstanding, I/We shall promptly notify Alpha 8 Credit of any such changes and

b) At the time of this application, I/We are not undischarged bankrupt/s and there has been no stautory demand served on me/us or any legal proceedings commenced against me/us.

2. I/We hereby consent to and authorize Alpha 8 Credit to communicate with me/us with respect to this application by electronic mail or any other means Alpha 8 Credit may deem appropriate at any of my/our addresses set out in this application.

3. I/We agree that I/We will find a guarantor(s) that is required to by Alpha 8 Credit.

4. I/We agree that approval of this application is at Alpha 8 Credit sole discretion, and Alpha 8 Credit is entitled to reject the application without assigning any reason or notice to me/us.

5. All terms and conditions are subjected to the Moneylenders Act and its rules governed by the Government of the Republic of Singapore.

6. I/We hereby declare that information declared is true and I/We am/are aware that false declaration made will be referred to Singapore Police Force.


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